Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another dickhead whinging about police brutality

In todays newspaper, there is a large article about a man who is attempting to get charges laid on 5 police offices who "excessively tasered him".
Newspaper has taken his side and produces a sobsob tale about the poor man who "naturally defensive" because of his unbringing. 
Didums mate! Don't resist the police! Maybe you wouldn't still have memory problems if you had done what they said.


  1. If all 5 of them tasered him that might be a little excessive.

  2. yeah i can see excessive if all 5 tasered him, but if it was just one guy. . . . .pssh he should just take it like a man.

  3. America is a pretty crazy place

  4. "Naturally defensive?" I say let's train that instinct out of him and teach him to be civilized!

  5. both were in the wrong, so fair is fair. stupid fuck shouldnt have resisted police, and they shouldnt have needed 5 men to take him down...